Reading to Therapy Dogs
Reading to Therapy Dogs
Posted on 05/23/2018
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Staffordville School Hosts Family Reading/Therapy Dog Night

Staffordville School held their first Family Reading/Therapy Dog Night on Thursday, April 5th.  Five therapy dogs and their owners from Healers with Halos, a program from Bolton Veterinary Hospital, did a demonstration for students and families.  Then each child had the opportunity to read to a therapy dog while teachers read to groups of students. The children were excited to read to the therapy dogs, pet them, and ask questions of their owners.  We were fortunate to have Pat Laska, paraeducator at Staffordville School and a therapy dog owner with Healers with Halos, bring this program to our school. We are hoping to schedule more therapy dog visits in the future!  


Olivia reads to Sharon Boothroyd’s dog from Tolland.

Jadyn and Jacob read to Pat Laska’s dog of Stafford.