Intense Reading Intervention (formerly Reading Recovery)
Intense Reading Intervention Sandi Bidwell
    Reading Recovery is a highly researched first grade early intervention program that aims to assist students to reach an average level of their peers in reading.  Students are selected by a test called the Observation Survey.  This assessment tests letter knowledge, sight word knowledge, book knowledge (called Concepts About Print), writing skills, letter sounds, and text reading level.  The 4 students who are indentified as needing the most intervention are selected in September, and then again in January.
    The program is a temporary intervention, lasting a maximum of 20 weeks.  At that point the goal is that for every two classes serviced, 80% of students will be at an average with the other children in their class.  Those students who have not met that goal will then move into a longer intervention with the benefit of an entire 20 weeks of one-to-one observations and records to assist in designing an individual educational plan.  Lessons are one-to-one, and last at least 30 minutes
    Lessons include reading familiar books, writing, word work, fluency, and problem solving on new materials.  Books are carefully leveled to insure success.
    Parents are an integral part of this program.  Children bring home books to read each night, as well as a sentence to reassemble.  These are used to reinforce the learning from that day.  Parents are invited to observe a lesson in order to better understand the components of the lesson.