Meet Mrs. Bidwell

Meet Mrs. Bidwell

  • 25+ years of experience
  • Graduate of UCONN School of Education (Masters of Arts)
  • Graduate of Eastern School of Education (Bachelors of Science)
    • Graduate of Manchester Community College (Associate of Science)                                                      
    • 6th Year Degree in Professional Education
    • Masters in Curriculum and Instruction
    • Certified as a Reading Consultant K-12
    • Certified Mathematics grades 7-12
    • Certified Elementary Education N-6
    • Reading Recovery trained
    • BEST Assessor
    • BEST mentor
    • BEST trainer
    • Language Arts team
    • TEAM trainer
    • Stafford's 2011 Teacher of the Year
    • Connecticut Reading Association Outstanding Reading Educator 2012
    • NEAG School of Education's Outstanding Educator Award 2014
          I believe that the most important thing that we can do in education is to teach first graders to read.  Without this vital skill, students are kept from the road to success that their more successful peers experience.  The earlier the intervention, the greater the chance that bad habits have not been formed.  More importantly, students' self-concepts remain positive. 
          I feel very fortunate that we have so many effective interventions in Stafford.  This ensures that students are provided a safety net for success.